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See Photos Of A Little Kenyan Girl Forced To Do House Chores By Her Stepmother

Written by Ayobami Sodiq

According to the report a helpless neighbour sent to a popular Kenyan Facebook page;
“Whoever will rescue this young girl from her stepmother will rescue her life.

I think through sharing this may be someone will get a solution to take her to children’s home.

Her name is Annet,she schools at ST.Monica Olepolos,vet ngong,and this place is Deptex apartments.

She is going through hell. One of her ear has turned black. Personally I don’t know how to help her, neighbours the same thing.

Her dad is so arrogant and always sides with his wife when neighbours tries to intervene.

Through the intervention of teachers the girl had been taken to children’s home but her dad brought her back.
Share widely.”

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