Today’s bible teaching: Be kind enough to lend to your neighbor when he needs help. You are keeping the Lord’s commands if you help him

Sirach 29 Vs 1-13 Good News Translation (GNT)

Loans and Repayment

29 Be kind enough to lend to your neighbor when he needs help. You are keeping the Lord’s commands if you help himIf he needs something, lend it to him. And when you are in debt, pay it back as soon as you can. If you meet your obligations, you will always be able to borrow what you need.Many people treat a loan as something they found and can keep, causing embarrassment to those who helped them.Some people will speak politely, bow, and scR*pe until they get the loan they want, but when the time comes to pay it back, they’ll put it off, say that it’s inconvenient, and make a lot of worthless excuses. If the lender insists on being paid, he can count himself lucky to get back half. If he doesn’t insist, the borrower has robbed him and made an unnecessary enemy. All the lender will get from him are curses, insults, and disrespect, but never any gratitude.

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Many people refuse to lend at all, not because they are stingy, but because[a] they don’t want to be cheated if they can avoid it.


Nevertheless, be understanding with those who are poor. Don’t keep them waiting for your generosity. The Lord has commanded us to help the poor; don’t refuse them the help they need. 10 It is better to lose your money by helping a relative or a friend than to lose it by letting it rust away under a rock somewhere. 11 Use your wealth as the Most High has commanded; this will do you more good than keeping your money for yourself.12 Count among your treasures the fact that you give to the poor. It will save you from all kinds of trouble 13 and will be a better defense against your enemies than the strongest shield or stoutest spear.

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