Man Cries Out After The Foreign Currency He Changed In Ikeja Disappeared When He Got To His Destination

Written by Ayobami Sodiq

This is actually a regular occurrence in Lagos.

Read what he wrote on his Facebook page below;
“Public warning!!!

Don’t change foreign currency in front of Airport Hotel, IKEJA. Don’t !Don’t. !

I changed an amount from dollars to naira yesterday. I then drove drove into Allen avenue a 5 minute drive into MTN office without getting down from the car. Behold almost 50% of the money had disappeared.

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This morning a friend called me. And I narrated what happened. He laughed and told me this experience yesterday. He was staying at Airport hotel, changed money from inside his car by the petrol station just as I did, he got to computer village to buy phone.

Behold 100k had disappeared. He even went back to meet the guys but they said they never met him in their life. Incidentally both the people at the MTN office and the staff of Airport hotel told both of us separately that it’s a daily occurrence.

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That when people change money in front of the airport hotel certain amount must disappear in your pocket. Do you know anybody with the same experience ????”

If you’ve experience something similar, share it with us.

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