I Spent Seven Years Writing “Boss Up!” – Actress Chika Ike

Written by Ayobami Sodiq
So many celebrities like musicians, actors, comedians, have proven how versatile and dynamic they are by showing other skills and talent different from the one they are known for.

There are some of them that sing and act film, some of them are known for production of music and still sing; others are known for acting and writing.

Popular Nigerian Actress Chika Ike, who is known for acting and producing movies has joined the list of those celebrities who do not only produce and act, but also write.

Speaking as a guest on the show “Entertainment Weekly”, the actress who is now an author, said it took her seven years of her life to write the book, Boss Up!, saying it was really hard

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The philanthropist and business woman also stated that, she wrote about her family, her father, how she grew up in the family and how she also gave out some things that were not comfortable giving out.

Concerning Chika’s philanthropy project, she established the Foundation “Help the Child”, which is aimed at helping poor children.

In 2012 she threw a street party where she hosted over 3000 children, feeding them and giving out toys, school bags and writing materials.

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Every year she organizes a major charity event for the children on the street, provide scholarships and school writing materials.

Stating the essence of the book, Chika said further that, now is the right time for her to start her journey and so she wants to teach people, be a blessing to others and pass her knowledge to people around her.

On the area of dynamism and versatility, Chika said, she wants to be known for other things other than acting, with the aim of exploring lots of opportunities.

Speaking about her acting career, Chika revealed that, she is a working progress and her fan base have been able to appreciate her stressing that, she hope to do move films, push boundaries, and do other things, referring to herself as an author.

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In the area of change and roles, Chika stated that she wants to play an iconic legendary role like someone who has made positive changes in the world making reference to Oprah Winfrey as an example of someone that has changed the perception of people around the world.

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