APGA Crisis: Chief Godson Ezenagu Dumps APGA For SDP, Gives Reason

Written by Ayobami Sodiq

*ToriMill:* Sir please may we know your name and where you are from?

 *Ochendo:* My name is Chief Godson Ezenagu (Ochendo) from Amaezike Village Mgbakwu in Awka North LGA, Anambra State.

 *ToriMill:* Sir can you tell us what lead to your defection from APGA to SDP?

 *Ochendo:* Well I will start by saying that after what what seemed to be an extensive consultation with my Family, Party leaders, Stakeholders, Market women, Elders, Youths of the peace loving people of Awka North/South Federal Constituency, I have decided to defect from APGA to SDP for the betterment of our people.

 *ToriMill:* that’s good of you sir but can you please tell us and the people of Awka North/South what exactly led to your defection.

 *Ochendo:* (smiles) Without an iota of doubt,  I was a committed party man and wholeheartedly loyal to the goals and objectives of APGA which brought me to limelight politically but in view of Inglorious outing of the party during the primaries by refusing to allow free and fair elections, coercing the delegates etc. the level of extortion and high handedness exhibited in APGA drove me to tears, it is a painful thing that party that fly itself as the most democratic party has given in to greed.
This is what led to my defection.

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 *ToriMill:* Sir how do you think the people of Awka North/South will react to the news of your defection?

 *Ochendo:* Well since I made my defection open I have received lots of congratulating and consoling messages from our people, pledging their support is what motivated me more knowing fully well that what matters is getting to the destination but not the vehicle that conveyed you, the good people of Awka North/South, the delegates, the electorates, all demanded for a change in representation, they all agreed with respect to equity that it is the time for Awka North to represent them at the green chamber, I am the people’s choice but that didn’t go down well with the cabals in APGA who decided to thwart the voice of the people which led to my defection to SDP.

 *ToriMill:* How do you feel after defection? What’s your relationship with your former party men like after your defection?

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 *Ochendo:* As a true Democrat I have no grudges with true APGA faithfuls and supporters whom I believe will give me their votes come Feb 2019, but I considered the overall interest of our people well and above selfish interests/gains which culminated to my defection to SDP to actualize the mandate which the good people of Awka North/South have given me.
I am positive that my teaming up with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) our people will benefit immensely, in terms of infrastructures which are worryingly not in existence in our Constituency.

 *ToriMill:* Sir, what are your antecedents as regards to the post you re vying for?

 *Ochendo:* before I came into politics I was the Area Sales Manager with Berec International Sales
(Nigeria) Ltd, in 1979 to Marketing Director of Lazmata
Industries (Nigeria) Ltd, from 1983 to 2008.
Also I was the Regional Sales Manager (South) of
Premier Engineering Works Ltd (1981), Regional Sales
Manager (North) of NIBAS Bello (1982) and Marketing
Manager of Franz Ab Ltd (1983)

Due to my commitment in service to humanity I was  appointed into State
Advisory Committee of the Peter Obi Campaign
Organization in 2003.
After prosperous experience in the private sector, I was hired as the Acting Chairman of Anambra State
Environment Protection Agency (Now
ASWAMA) which i most effectively served from 2008 to

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My accomplishments at ASWAMA led to my
appointment as two-time Honourable Commissioner for
Agriculture and Rural Development from 2009 to 2012. Also In 2013, i became the Chairman, Obiano Campaign
Organization, Awka North Local Government which led to
overwhelming victory at the gubernatorial election.
So with the above listed I believe I can render required services to my people of Awka North/South if elected most especially infrastructural development.

 *ToriMill:* Ladies and gentlemen we have come to the end of this interview section (as regards to time) with Chief Hon Sir Godson Ezenagu (Ochendo ndi Igbo) the candidate for Awka North and South Federal Constituency under the umbrella of Social Democratic Party (SDP).

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