European Sports Championships: The Launch Of The New Spectacle Of Sport

Written by Ayobami Sodiq

The first European Sports Championships have just begun in Glasgow. The 11-day jamboree will be completed in Berlin. A sporting spectacle is a world-class event as the spotlight is shone on Scotland once more. This will be Scotland’s biggest sporting event ever since holding the 2014 Commonwealth games. You can learn more here about how you can enjoy the European Sports Championship more.

Scotland has welcomed over 3,000 athletes from over 52 countries. A total of six sports will be held across the European continent allowing organizers and TV producers to scrutinize all the sports events fully. One billion viewers are set to watch the games across Europe.

Athletics which take the top billing will be held in Berlin while cycling, swimming and gymnastics in Glasgow. Other events such as rowing and triathlon will be held in a country park in Motherwell, diving in Edinburgh and golf in Gleneagles.

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What’s Going to be Special This Year?

You can watch the championship on your favorite TV channels.

This will be the first time that all sports will be packaged together and they are more appealing than stand-alone championships. The athletes in these sports are set to be more familiar with fans on a personal level. The BBC will carve out 12 hours a day for the championship, as they move from destination to the next so that they produce back to back highlights.

The fragmentation of TV channels when it comes to airing sports splits viewers. And for this reason, the European Sports Champions will be sustained by BBC one, France Televisions and on ARD.

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The European Sports Championships has had a fair budget. For instance, Glasgow has spent £90 million because there are not many sports in the event. But this does not undermine the whole event; it is a big one but sustainable. The event planners have foregone big luxurious hotels and athlete villages but have decided to use existing facilities such as student accommodation and hotels.

The tickets were sold at 2 for 1 so that more fans can get to experience the live event. The 2 for 1 offer can be redeemed across all sports disciplines in the event.

How is it Different than the World Cup or the Olympics?

With all being said, you might wonder as to why you cannot get the same extensive coverage of this event as the World Cup or the Olympics.

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Unfortunately, the sports event has not gained much momentum unlike the Olympics or World cup. The first edition has only sold well in gymnastics and cycling in Glasgow. The other sports events have not picked up but there is hope that people will flood the Berlin Olympiastadion during the week.

The sporting event will run parallel to the fun-filled cultural Festival 2018. The festival will take place in some cities and it’s not to be missed. People can relax, grab some popular Scottish food and drinks and watch the games on big screens across the city.

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