Couple Ask Tenant To Stay In Their House Free For 3 Years As A Form Of Youth Empowerment

Written by Ayobami Sodiq

A woman from Zambia has shocked her followers after she revealed that her landlord and his wife have asked her to live in their house rent-free for the next three years so she can save up to get her own house.

She revealed that the landlord is 31 and the wife is 29 but they own a house because they had a headstart in life. Asking her to live in their house rent-free is their own form of youth empowerment, to help others coming after them, the tenant said.

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After the tenant shared her story, some Twitter users could not believe it and said that she is either sleeping with the landlord, or the landlord and his wife are trying to butter her up so they can have a threesome with her.

Read the story and reactions below;
“Guys, my landlord (and lady) have asked me to stop paying rent. Ati we are practically family now. They want me to save up and finish building so they’re drafting a contract which will allow me to stay in their house rent free for the next 3 years!

They say they don’t need the money. What they need is to empower youths like me to become independent. Mwebantu, what planet are these people from?!

This is a young couple btw, the man is 31 and his wife is 29. They had a head start in life and I guess they’re just trying to give back to the universe.”

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